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Connect with an EMDR trained licensed mental health therapist (LCSW)

support offered from a trauma sensitive compassionate lens

Online Counseling



It is my hope to build a trusting and safe space that you may find as a resource in your life. It is my job to work in collaboration to gain an understanding of and honor how one's experience, culture, and environment have played into current beliefs. As well as how the systems we all live among may impact or burden our internal system.


My therapeutic approach emphasizes a practical attitude that offers results by offering Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, Ego State and Internal Family Systems informed models, Cognitive therapy(CBT), and Dialectical Therapy (DBT) skills and principals. I offer experiential learning and building on internal resources to address core issues. As well as practicing skills to strengthen mindful emotional responses, promote mood management, and offer strategies for orienting wounded parts from the past to present to support lasting shifts and improve the relationship with self.


It is my priority to foster awareness and understanding of the challenging thought patterns and responses may impact getting relational needs met and inhibit growth. I value working in collaboration together to foster allyship and connection within the therapy room and within self that honors the whole person. We will partner to honor and expand on intuitive self healing practices that one has used in the past to advance towards thriving. 


How may i be of service

thank you for your interest! I have multiple spaces for cash pay clients at this time and those with out of network benefits.

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